Plans and Records

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Gas Company Startup Costs FREE DOCUMENT TEMPLATE
You would use the 'Gas Company Startup Costs Plan’ when you are trying to gauge how much money you will require to start a one person business and it's annual maintenance costs.....
Training Plan You would use the 'Training Plan’ any time employee training / course has been booked. Planners would use the matrix to ensure work planning is accurate and staff are available for work..... MORE INFO
Holiday Plan You would use the 'Holiday plan' to ensure that your planning operation is accurate as this affects the workload manpower balance and forecasting..... MORE INFO
Sickness Absence Records You would use the 'Sickness Absence Record' to ensure that you have an accurate record of absence to manage a sickness absence procedure ..... MORE INFO
Lateness Records You would use the 'Lateness Record’ to ensure that you record instances of lateness as this affects the in-day workload manpower balance and can cause broken appointments..... MORE INFO