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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

About Us

1963 Manufacture of drying plant for processing hops in Mainburg, the "heart of the Hallertau'', 80 employees.

1970 Wolf belongs to the Salzgitter Group.    

1973 Wolf begins to manufacture air-handling units: special installations for hotels, hospitals, airports, opera houses and industrial halls.   

1975 Ventilation equipment is added to the range.

1981 Wolf starts the production of heating equipment.     

1989 Merger between Salzgitter and Preussag: Wolf is a company of Preussag AG. 
1991 Boilers make up the majority of sales for the first time. Wolf is Germany's third largest seller of oil and gas boilers. It is the European market leader in air-handling equipment.

1994 Wolf starts the production of combi boilers.

1996 Solar equipment is added to the range.

1997 Wolf introduces condensing technology.        

1999 WOLF GmbH belongs one hundred percent to Preussag AG.
2002 WOLF GmbH becomes a member of the RAL certification authority
2003 New orientation as system supplier, large sales campaign

2004 Air-handling equipment: Market leader, gas / oil boilers: Place 3 in Germany
Combi boilers: In the leading group
Solar equipment: In the leading group
Largest employer in the Kelheim district 
2005 MGK medium-sized gas condensing boiler; compact air-handling unit with heat recovery
2006 CSK oil condensing boiler, Wolf control system for floor standing boilers and wall mounted units 
2006 Wolf becomes a company within Centrotec Sustainable AG, Brilon

2007 CWL comfortable home ventilation, BWS and BWL heat pumps for air/water
2008 COB oil condensing boiler, KG-Top air-conditioning unit in hygienic version according to DIN 1946-T4, CGG-2/CGU-2 gas-fired wall-mounted units, acquisition of combined heat and power unit manufacturer Kuntschar+Schlüter of Wolfhagen

2009 CSZ solar central heating, school ventilation unit, a single room ventilation unit, split heat pump, SEM-2-300 solar tank

2010 Wolf heat pump, Comfort-kompakt-Ventilation Unit CKL

2011 Comfort-Flat-Ventilation Unit CFL, Extension service areas: Heat pump, oil condensing boiler, heat an power unit