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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

About Us


“Here at Sentinel, we’re justly proud that the name Sentinel is recognised by pretty much everybody that works in the heating industry, here in the UK and now across Europe. Even more so, that the name is recognised and readily associated with the key drivers of our business – the provision of quality water treatment products, innovation in terms of those products and the way we work with our partners, and a commitment to constant improvement.

“Our value proposition includes a serious commitment to play our part in the Government’s Energy Efficiency Strategy – providing products that help reduce carbon emissions but also having a commitment to reducing our own carbon footprint as a business, by looking carefully at every aspect of what we do on a daily basis. We are proud to be the first company in the UK heating sector to have qualified to use the Carbon Trust’s ‘Carbon Footprint’ logo on not one, but two of our best selling products, highlighting that commitment and the exact amount of carbon that is saved annually by each home, as a result of using our products.

“There is much excitement in our sector about the rise of the renewable heating and hot water system in the UK and the contribution ‘renewables’ can make to our attempts to address climate change. And we are proud to be playing our part, through the introduction of highly specialised products, for which we have applied for patents, that address the potential shortcomings of these systems and ensures that they are able to provide the headline energy and emissions savings claimed for them by their manufacturers.

“But we have not taken our eyes off the ball with regard to traditional wet heating and hot water systems, powered by energy efficient condensing boilers, that will still provide the vast majority of domestic heat and hot water for at least the next decade and without legislation or enticements in the form of grants or reduced VAT, into the following decade as well. Our products are designed to maintain the high levels of energy efficiency that these boilers can provide by cleaning and maintaining the systems to provide optimum levels of efficiency, day in, day out.

“We’re proud of our place in our industry and of our people, who constantly strive to keep Sentinel in its position as market leader and technology leader in our sector. The future is bright – it’s exciting - and at Sentinel, we’re optimistic and working hard at building our enviable reputation still further through the development of more new products to meet the needs of the heating sector and through the building of our relationships with our many valued partners.” 

Gary Roebuck


Sentinel Performance Solutions