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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

About Us


Your input is our most valuable component
The success of your business – ever since the start of OJ Electronics back in 1964, it has been the focal point of our company. Some 40 years later, it's still a tradition that runs deep among our 160+ employees.

OJ Electronics is headquartered in Denmark and serves customers large and small around the world. Big enough to meet your every need, we're small enough to pay careful attention to just what your needs are. Here you'll find specialized solutions within two distinct product categories: thermostats for comfort heating and HVAC controls and power.

These products – quite disparate at first glance – share a common foundation in OJ Electronics' knowledge of real-world, application-specific solutions. What allows us to build on that foundation is partnership.

When you work with OJ Electronics, you'll find a partner committed to helping you make your business even more successful. A partner who listens to your needs, and carefully analyzes how best to go about meeting them. A partner who understands that your reputation – and your bottom line – depend, in part, on us.

“Building on partnership” – it's a standard by which we measure our performance every day. We hope you'll join us and measure the impact of partnership on your success.

A partner you can depend on... and on...

Of course you need quality electronic components. But just as important, you must be able to rely on a company that will be there whenever – and for as many years – as you need them. With OJ Electronics, you are present- and future-proofed.

You're also in the hands of a customer-minded organization. Granted, we treat you with all the deference a customer is due. But that phrase “the customer is always right” doesn't quite always apply at OJ. When it comes to customer service, yes. But when the topic is finding the best technical solution to meet your need, we don't just take your word for it – we use our many years of specialized expertise to find the very best solution to your specific challenge.

The result may not be the solution you'd originally envisioned. But rest assured – it will be the right solution.

We think that's part of being partners – respecting each other enough, and being committed enough to our customers' success, to forego the “easy way out” when solving problems.

Our customers certainly seem to appreciate that approach, since they keep coming back, year after year.

We analyze trends in the marketplace and act proactively to help you stay ahead. We provide you with sales tools to help you sell your products. We have full line product facilities, including SMD mounting, digital and visual controlling and soldering, to name a few examples.

Our in-house R&D department gives you ready access to experts who speak your language. And because we have full control of the process of developing your solution from idea through to quality control, you're assured of a flexible working partner who is committed to your project's success – today and tomorrow.