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Miscellaneous Information:

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100% Efficient Flueless Gas Fires

Flueless fires incorporate the latest in gas fire technology and do not need a chimney or flue to operate - so all the heat produced goes directly into the room. Flueless fires are a great way to make a real contribution towards reducing your CO² emissions, which contribute to climate change and more importantly, reduce your fuel bills. Flueless appliances incorporate the latest in gas fire technology, and do not require any flue or chimney. Instead, the combustion gases pass through a catalytic converter mounted inside the appliance, which converts the poisonous Carbon Monoxide to harmless Carbon Dioxide and water vapour. This then vents back into the room, resulting in an appliance which is 100% efficient. Flueless appliances require nothing more than an 8mm gas supply, together with minimum room size and ventilation requirements.


Conventional Inset Gas Fires

This category describes flues already built into your home, which travel vertically through your property and terminate through the roof. These flues rely on the natural circulation of air through the room and up the flue to expel the combustion gases of an appliance. There are three separate types of flue found within homes: Conventional Chimney. typically of brick construction; Prefabricated Flue, usually a metal flue connected to a flue box into which the appliance is installed; Precast Flue. formed from hollow blocks which form the flue up to the roof of the property. For homes without a chimney but still a traditional inset gas fire is desire a powaflue (pf) version is available on selected products. Powaflue fires use a short length of twin-walled flue to expel waste gases. The Powaflue appliance is not sealed from the room, instead it is open fronted and draws air from the room to use in the combustion process. Waste gases are then pulled through the flue tube by an electric fan assembly which is discreetly mounted to the outside wall. A power supply is required to operate a powaflue appliance.


Electric Fires

When gas is not an option, the technology of an electric fire can still provide your home with flickering flames and realistic glowing fuel bed found within a 'real' fire. You can now have a choice of either wall mounted, traditional inset or even an electric stove. The main benefit of an electric appliance is ease of installation. Without the constraints of gas supplies and flues, our range of electric fires simply require provision of a mains socket close to the appliance location. Focal Point Fires electric appliances can be located into an existing fireplace opening or mantle/marble set to take the rebate of the appliance. All fires feature independent flame effects, a 'cool-blow' facility that allows operation of the fan without heat, and a switchable. 1kW/2kW fan assisted heater.