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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

About Elson

Elson - providing solutions for 90 years

Elson was established in 1919 as the South Shields Plumbing Company.  By 1923 the company had changed its name to Elsy & Gibbons and had invented a combination tank known as the Elson Tank.  Around this time the trading name Elson started to be used.

Between 1968 and 1998 the company was sold and acquired several times and eventually became part of Newmond.  In 2000 Elson joined the Baxi Group as a result of the Baxi/Newmond merger.

Traditionally, Elson supplied combination tanks to local authorities and housing associations and in the 1980s sold over 50,000 products per annum.  The Elson combination tank was a very well-known, reliable product and is still seen in local authority properties today. 

However, over recent years the popularity of the combination tank has declined, mainly due to the growth of combi boilers and unvented cylinders and a reduction in local authority new builds.  The company's product portfolio has changed quite dramatically to adapt to new market demands.  

Today, Elson manufacture unvented cylinders, thermal stores and modular packages all of which can incorporate renewable technologies.  The company continues to target local authorities and housing associations, but also works with developers and housebuilders in the private sector.  With a wealth of experience and industry expertise, Elson can provide the right solution for many applications.