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Miscellaneous Information:

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Daikin Technology Centre

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As experts in our field and recognised within the industry, we see it as our responsibility to ensure customers are confident with our range of technological leading edge products. Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Europe NV. The focus of our business is the sales and distribution of Daikin air conditioning products whilst fully utilising the advantage of our European Group Manufacturing Division.  Over 70 years of precision and innovation has helped Daikin build a worldwide reputation for quality and technology



Daikin offers an extensive range of advanced air conditioning equipment – encompassing split, multi split, packaged, VRV and chilled water – for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Technological advances are evident across the full range of products. For example, Inverter technology has been applied to all split and multi split systems, which are especially suited to shops, restaurants and small offices.  This technology provides a more comfortable environment and offers substantial savings in energy consumption.  The type of air conditioning product chosen is only part of today’s drive for energy efficiency. The choice of Daikin controls to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort is infinite.  Intelligent control systems from entry level to multiple air conditioning systems are available. The levels of expertise available within Daikin UK includes a team of control specialists, the facility of a control management helpdesk and remote monitoring and control of building systems.



Daikin knows that the compressor is the heart of the air conditioner. It is produced in-house to ensure it meets Daikin’s strict quality control. If the compressor represents the heart of the system, the electronics are surely the brain.  Electronic expansion valves monitor and regulate compressor capacity by varying the frequency of the power supply.  This ensures a balanced and pleasant indoor environment without large scale fluctuations in room temperature.  Daikin is the only air conditioning manufacturer in the world to produce refrigerant chemicals. The company is therefore in a unique and enviable position to research and develop alternative refrigerants and apply them to both new and existing equipment.  It enables equipment to be designed around and tested with an individual refrigerant – in fact, optimised to ensure compatibility, performance and long term operating reliability.  It is the unique combination of these three factors, integral to the company’s core business, that has led to worldwide recognition that Daikin is indeed the only true air conditioning specialist.



Daikin UK's position as the leading innovator in the market is the result of the close communication and co-operation between our D1 Partners, customers and staff. The Daikin high quality standard depends on it.  The company is structured to ensure flexibility to each sector of our business.  An external sales team provides extensive cover throughout the UK, supported by internal sales and full after-sales support.  Within the team are dedicated specialists who consolidate consultant demands by developing a working relationship that does not invade their design responsibility but assists by application solving – for example, using case study reference material.  We have gained considerable experience in supply partnerships with national accounts operating on the high street and within the commercial sector.  Our capability to develop business in this sector is far reaching, from competitive price structures to detailed feedback data, extended warranty and training for the contractors approved by the national account client.  The Daikin UK sales team are quietly confident that between them and a comprehensive Field Quality Support Team anything is possible and indeed that is normally the case.  We are also in a position to recommend companies as Daikin Approved Installers who are part of our D1 Partner Network, which extends throughout the UK. The philosophy of this network is that, through the medium of partnerships, business can be developed for mutual benefit and loyalty is rewarded. The approval bears significant recognition, with engineers given access to an extensive Daikin UK training programme. D1 Partner companies are able to provide an extended five year warranty on all Daikin equipment subject to terms and conditions. Daikin UK also recognizes that training is the first step to making our customers self sufficient and therefore, in a position to need help only with the more difficult situations. It is important that the customer is engaged in the selection, application and installation of the products with trust and clarity.



The sales and distribution network within Europe is further enhanced to ensure customer satisfaction by our activities in the UK.  Warehousing facilities at multiple distribution centres hold local stocks. Every day, week and month trucks deliver products from the Ostend factory to these centres. Each distribution centre also carries extensive stocks of spares and accessories and is equipped with its own fleet of modern delivery vehicles to maintain a regular and dependable supply chain to the UK customer base.  All Daikin UK offices are linked with each other and European headquarters in Ostend by a fully integrated computer network, enabling close communication between field sales and technical departments to be maintained at all times for the benefit of customers throughout the country.



Since its formation in 1972, Daikin Europe has evolved from a component assembly plant into a full production unit that meets all European manufacturing standards. The specific quality requirements of the European market are taken into account and high priority is assigned by Daikin Europe to research, resulting in optimised unit capacity and quality.  Following the factories in Japan, Daikin Europe received the ISO9001 certificate in 1993. ISO9001 certification is the customers guarantee that close attention is paid to quality during all stages of design and production, as well as after sales. It also guarantees that the quality system itself is audited regularly, both internally and by external bodies.



Daikin's dedicated commitment towards improving the quality of the environment has been rewarded with the coveted ISO 14001 certification.  ISO 14001 provides assurance that "Daikin has an effective environmental management system in place to protect both man and the environment from the potential impact of its manufacturing activities, products and services while helping to maintain and to improve the overall quality of the environment." Daikin is thought to be one of the first air conditioning manufacturers to receive such recognition.  Government legislation prohibiting the use of toxic substances and the generation of pollutants has slowed down the destruction of the environment. Daikin Europe is proud to have been pro-active in this respect, closely following its Japanese parent in implementing policies that have often pre-emptied official legislative codes and directives. As a result, a culture of ‘environmental management’ implemented since 2001 plays a key role in the company’s day to day activities and development strategies.