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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

About Us

Early Beginnings Chaffoteaux & Maury brings to the gas-fired domestic heating market over 75 years of experience and an international sales and service network with subsidiary companies in Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Founded by the Chaffoteaux brothers who moved their foundry to the Port of St Brieuc in 1914, the business expanded further in 1929 when they took over the Maury firm which had specialised in the manufacture of gas fired water heaters since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Product Development From the 1950's C&M focused on developing gas-fired appliances with their first wall-mounted domestic boiler invention in 1955 followed by pioneering work on their combination boiler which went into production in 1962. Invention of the first multi-gas burner patented by C&M came about in 1966 and in 1978 C&M introduced electronic ignition on their boilers. The first condensing boiler came off the production line in 1982.

Modern Production Facilities Continued diversification and expansion of the business prompted the move to what is now the company's main factory site in the industrial area "Les Chatelets" at Ploufragan in 1969 and the creation of the foreign subsidiary companies in 1970.

This impressive production facility covers an area of over 60,000m2, has fully automated production lines and is among the largest and most modern of its kind. It employs one of the most stringent quality control concepts practised in manufacturing today, in addition to those required to attain the highest European Standards ISO 9001 and the CE Mark.

C&M Acquired by MTS Group In 2001 C&M joined the MTS Group combining C&M's advanced production facilities and a wealth of experience in technical and service support with the broader product range existing within the MTS Group. C&M customers are already benefiting from this alliance which assured continued development of the C&M brand.