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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Warming your home, saving your future.

Since 1976 Atmos Heating Systems have been designing and installing heating and hot water systems for homes and businesses. We are committed to the promotion of high quality, energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Our products are designed for the future and built to last. They use the minimum of fossil fuels, thus reducing environmental pollution, and keeping running costs at rock bottom.

Global warming is a problem facing the future safety of our planet, and the UK government is committed to reducing CO2 emissions. This can only be achieved if we reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by using more energy efficient products. Natural gas is the main energy sourse in the UK, but we are now importing most of our gas from Europe and Russia. At present natural gas is relatively cheap, but price rises are inevitable as supplies come from further afield. Thus any fuel cost savings made will increase each year, which means that investment in an energy efficient product will rapidly pay for itself. Using an Atmos system can save between 30% and 50% on fuel consumption, and similarly on CO2 emissions.

Solar energy is becoming of increasing importance in the UK, and the Atmos range of Solar hot water systems are a cost effective use of sustainable energy.

And what about water wastage? The average combi takes 45 seconds before the water is hot at the tap. Research shows that this can waste as much as 25,000 litres of water a year. On a water meter that costs you over £50, and more as water prices rise. Not so with an Atmos boiler, because an Atmos gives you instant hot water; saving water, and saving you money year in year out.


Warming your home, saving your future.

Atmos is commited to bringing warmth and comfort to your home. We strive to provide the best in high efficiency and renewable technologies combined with simple design and outstanding reliability.

Providing you with heating systems that meet the stringent green challenge of climate change. Energy efficiency and maximum use of renewable technology needs to be packaged into cost effective and user friendly solutions.

Atmos have carefully selected innovative and market leading products to meet this growing need, from "probably the most energy efficient condensing gas boilers to Solar hot water heating and Air Source heating.

Atmos has only ever been interested in providing the most energy efficient green heating systems, and as an award winning Ethical Company, we will strive to continue leading the way in the future of comfort.