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About Us

Richard Baxendale - the founder of Baxi

Born in 1825, ironmoulder Richard Baxendale begins the company in 1866 in partnership with Joseph Heald.

1930s - the launch of Baxi's first product

1935 sees the launch of the first product bearing the trade name Baxi - a controllable underfloor draught system for solid fuel heating. 

1950s - focusing on domestic heating

The firm becomes increasingly focused on the domestic heating sector and Baxi is fast becoming a familiar household name. In 1955, 30 year old Philip Baxendale, great grandson of Richard Baxendale, becomes General Manager of the Albert Street Works in Chorley. The company employs just 55 people.

1960s - developing gas heating

1963 sees Baxi develop a warm air central heating technology fuelled by gas, and in 1965 cash profit sharing for the workforce is introduced, demonstrating the forward looking vision of the company and its management.

In 1966 Baxi launches its most famous product, the space saving Bermuda gas fired back boiler. More efficient versions are in the product portfolio today, and this product remains well loved by many, many consumers throughout the UK.

1980s - innovations continue

In 1983 Philip Baxendale sells the company to the workforce at a fraction of its true worth, thus forming the largest employee partnership of its kind in the country.

Throughout the 1980s Baxi continues to develop and innovate, and in 1989 produces the Baxi Solo, a low weight cast iron boiler, suitable for one man to lift while installing.

1990s - growing throughout Europe

In the nineties Baxi begins acquiring a number of European companies, culminating with the purchase of Ocean Idroclima and the Blue Circle Heating Division in 1999.

Today - a leading brand

Today Baxi is the lead brand of BDR Thermea, and one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe. Baxi continues its commitment to innovate with a product portfolio that includes award winning boilers and the largest range of renewables in the market.