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New website supports gas industry

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Gas engineers and plumbers can now benefit from an online library of over 8,000 manuals thanks to a free industry website.Boiler Manuals Screenshot

The Goto Gas Docs website, launched in May, provides relevant documents and information in one place, helping gas companies concentrate on running their business.

It gives users free access to boiler and gas manuals, manufacturer information, help tools and Gas Assessment Centres, and the option to buy various gas forms and templates for their business.

Creator Marc Lockley said he set up the website because there was nothing out there that supported gas engineers and managers across the board.

“I used to go out with engineers and they had no support - they’re out there on their own. This gives them access to that support via a mobile, laptop or other device,” said the semi-retired gas consultant.

Users can search for their required manual via a list of 99 manufacturers and the website’s team will make every effort to source any unavailable manuals.

The website also offers 138 document templates available to purchase, with a further 76 under development for future release.

Documents are available to download in Microsoft Word or Excel, so users can change the template to suit their needs, inserting their own logo, details and signature.

These can then be saved, printed and sent via email to colleagues and clients, saving time and money.

Lockley, 48, started his career as an apprentice with British Gas and has nearly 30 years experience in the industry.

While introducing normal practices and procedures for a contractor business, he saw the lack of basic support available to run a gas company effectively and said the opportunity to develop a mechanism to help all types of gas business was clear.

“Activities and administration can vary from everyday engineer forms to boiler manuals, health and safety, quality control, surveying, customer correspondence, human resources, writing tenders, recruitment, accounts, gas manuals and much, much more. Developing, maintaining or just purchasing the documentation can put a strain on any businesses resources.”

Lockley devised all the forms and management tools on the website from scratch with the help of various contacts made throughout his career.

He spent two years pulling all the information together, which he described as a massive task.

“Manuals and documents can be expensive. Hopefully the website will start to give support to those people who just can’t afford it, at the same time improving safety.”

Annual membership, at £149.99, gives full access to all documents and templates, including new, updated and improved documents. Documents can also be purchased in packs or on a pay as you go basis.

Lockley claims the site has the largest library of gas document templates and manuals in the country, with some manufacturers visiting the site for back copies of their own manuals.

He encouraged users to spread the word within their forums, and invites companies to link the site on their own web pages.

“Getting the name out there has been a major issue as predominantly the website is free with document sales supporting the site running costs,” he said.

“I started out just to give some support to the industry, but the more traffic we can get and the more advertising the better - then I’d like to run the whole site for free.

“I’ve made a good living from the industry over the years so the website is me giving something back.”

To see what Goto Gas Docs has to offer, visit: www.gotogasdocs.co.uk