Pegler Yorkshire Yorkshire Only General Fittings Manuals

YP1 Slip Straight coupling, slip pattern.pdf YP1 Straight coupling. DS.pdf YP1FD Flanged connector. DS.pdf YP1FM Metric flanged connector. DS.pdf YP1IM Slip Adaptor coupling. DS.pdf YP1R Reducing coupling. DS.pdf YP2 Straight female connector. DS.pdf YP2LC Female reducing connector. DS.pdf YP2LI Female reducing connector. DS.pdf YP3 Straight male connector. DS.pdf YP3LC Male reducing connector. DS.pdf YP3LI Male reducing connector. DS.pdf YP5 Tank connector. DS.pdf YP5DN Tank connector. DS.pdf YP5FC Tank connector. DS.pdf YP6 Reducer. DS.pdf YP7 Female adaptor. DS.pdf YP8 Male adaptor. DS.pdf YP9 Adaptor. DS.pdf YP9B Non-standard adaptor. DS.pdf YP11 Union coupling. DS.pdf YP12 Elbow. DS.pdf YP12R Reducing elbow. DS.pdf YP12S Street elbow. DS.pdf YP13 Male elbow..pdf YP13LC Reducing male elbow. LC.pdf YP14 Female elbow. DS.pdf YP14LC Reducing female elbow. DS.pdf YP15 Backplate elbow. DS.pdf YP15LN Backplate elbow. DS.pdf YP17 Flanged bend. DS.pdf YP17FC Overflow bend. DS.pdf YP18 Slow bend. DS.pdf YP20 Return bend. DS.pdf YP21 Obtuse elbow. DS.pdf YP22 Partial crossover. DS.pdf YP23 Full crossover. DS.pdf YP24 Equal tee. DS.pdf YP24 Slip Equal tee, slip pattern. DS.pdf YP24IM Slip Adaptor tee, slip pattern. DS.pdf YP25 Tee, reduced branch. DS.pdf YP26 Tee, one end reduced. DS.pdf YP27 Tee, one end and branch reduced. DS.pdf YP28 Tee, both ends reduced. DS.pdf YP29 Female tee. DS.pdf YP29R Female tee DS.pdf YP36 Corner tee. DS.pdf YP37R Sweep tee, reduced branch. DS.pdf YP40 Offset tee. DS.pdf YP43 Double sweep tee. DS.pdf YP50 Cross DS.pdf YP60 Stop end. DS.pdf YP61 Stop end. DS.pdf YP62 Tap connector DS.pdf YP63 Bent tap connector. DS.pdf YP63L Long bent tap connector. DS.pdf YP64 Bent union adaptor. DS.pdf YP64CL Bent union adaptor. DS.pdf YP64M Meter union connector. DS.pdf YP65 Bent male union connector. DS.pdf YP65F Bent female union connector. DS.pdf YP65P Bent male union connector. DS.pdf YP65R Bent boiler union. DS.pdf YP68 Straight union adaptor. DS.pdf YP68 Union adaptor. DS.pdf YP68CL Union adaptor. DS.pdf YP68FF Flat faced union adaptor. DS.pdf YP68M Meter union connector. DS.pdf YP69 Straight male union connector. DS.pdf YP69DP Straight male union con with dip pipe DS.pdf YP69F Straight female union connector. DS.pdf YP69P Straight male union connector. DS.pdf YP69R Straight boiler union. DS.pdf YP70 Male nipple. DS.pdf YP70P Male nipple. DS.pdf YP71 Male nipple. DS.pdf YP72 Female nipple. DS.pdf YP75 Nut and lining. DS.pdf YP99 Adaptor. DS.pdf YP112 Stop end floor plate. DS.pdf YP112A Floor plate. DS.pdf YP115 Extension nipple. DS.pdf