Launched on the App Store on 24/09/2014


Goto Gas AppsGoto Gas Apps currently contains over 7,000 boiler, fire, cooker and other gas appliance installation, fault-finding and servicing manuals.

You can easily view manufacturers' manuals on your iphone and ipad directly from our cloud or easily synchronise them direct to your mobile device so you can view them when not on the internet.

We are continually adding manufacturers' manuals to the library to increase available downloads.

What types of manuals are in the library?

  • Installation Manuals
  • Customer User Manuals
  • Servicing Manuals
  • Parts Lists
  • Fault Finding
  • Service Data Sheets
  • Appliance Sales Brochures

The Goto Gas App is free to download so you can see the various screens. Once downloaded, you can subscribe to the app free for 7 days and download or view any of the 7000+ individual manuals. After 7 days you have the choice to subscribe monthly for £1.99. 

Take a peek at our short video? 

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