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Asbestos Watchdog:

Reading various forums it has become evident that many gas operatives struggle to ascertain which gas appliances contain asbestos materials.

For some time now this information has been available from various sources including Gas Safe Technical Bulletins, The HSE and the Asbestos Watchdog website.

The Asbestos Watchdog website has been around since 2011 but is little known by certain parts of the industry so we thought we at Goto Gas Docs would give them a mention as they supply a free list for gas operatives and also other valuable information.

Click here:

Asbestos Website

You will also find a useful link for storage heaters containing asbestos. Within the industry it is not uncommon for engineers to remove the internal bricks to make the appliance lighter when disposing of; hopefully this list will help gas operatives understand the risks of not keeping up to date information.

Please take a look round this useful website and see what support they offer the industry.

Hope this helps

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