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9 Recruitment Dashboards for gas

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Domestic Quality Control Dashboard  


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Engineer Skills Matrix v2


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The Goto Gas team has helped various gas business's achieve their goals over the last few years. The team has now decided to open access to their large suite of gas forms to everyone. This great site will provide gas forms, process's, procedures and tools all in a template format to help all sizes of gas company  concentrate on running their business effectively. Whether you work for yourself or are part of a larger organisation, take a look below to see what we can do for you.


What are the benefits to you and your gas company?

  • Personal
    • You can place your company logo on each gas form
    • You can insert your company details on each gas form
    • You only have to put your company details in once, then never do them again
    • You can alter the template to suit your needs and then save it
    • You can scan your electronic signature into each gas form
  • Professional
    • Personalised documentation elevates your gas company above the competition
    • Easy to use professional certificates
    • Some gas engineers send these templates via their laptop to a wireless printer in the van!!
  • Financial
    • You'll never have to buy expensive pads of gas forms or certificates again
    • You only print what you need
    • You can print your invoice and take payment straight away
  • Efficient
    • Pre-populating with all your details will save you valuable time
    • Keep your copies in an electronic format rather than paper
    • Electronic templates reduces the van and office space required
    • You'll never run out
    • If the clients lose their copy, you can just print another off and send it
    • Whilst on site, you can send the gas documents straight to the customer via email if required
  • Additional Membership Benefits
    • Enjoy all updates to membership document templates
    • Download all new membership documents
    • As we develop and grow, so will your benefits as an ongoing member